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To bots about gatebot

August 26th, 2002  |  Published in bots, java, perl, rest

A mail to the bots list about a web-to-IRC gateway.

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Triple Querying with SQL

August 20th, 2002  |  Published in perl, php, rdf, sql

A simple algorithm for translating rdfdb-style queries into SQL to query a triple store with a very simple schema. A perl and a PHP implementation is provided.

To www-rdf-interest about XMP and JPEGs

August 3rd, 2002  |  Published in photos, rdf

A mail sent to www-rdf-interest after attempting to embed XMP metadata in JPEGs.

(It turns out my code doesn’t do the jpeg embedding quite right. It looks like the JPEG-XMP package will do it correctly.)

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