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On the sudden lack of momentum

February 26th, 2003  |  Published in misc

Just when I’d got into a regular rhythm of posting new stuff to this site at least once a week, my laptop died. For the last year or so I’ve stopped using desktop machines, partly prompted by the arrival of cheap wireless networking. A good laptop and a number of built-for-purpose servers (mp3 jukebox, network gateway and webserver, etc) have suited me very well.

I’ve blatted my savings and ordered a shiny new replacement, but until that arrives I won’t be able to properly finish any of the code I’ve been working on. I’m looking forward to posting a new RDF scutter based on an updated version of the foaftool code posted here a few weeks ago.

A freetext-indexing IMAP spider

February 6th, 2003  |  Published in java

Because the Exchange mailserver at work is frustratingly slow and doesn’t have a flexible cross-folder search option, I wanted an indexing spider for IMAP. After a bit of struggling with the javamail API and almost no work at all plugging the messages into Lucene (which is impressively clean, flexible and powerful), I had some working code that will start at a folder and work down through its subfolders, indexing messages as it goes.

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Sha1ing, smushing and aggregating FOAF

February 3rd, 2003  |  Published in foaf, java, rdf

To normalise and aggregate FOAF metadata related to photographs, I needed some new code to:

  • convert foaf:mbox entries to privacy-protected foaf:mbox_sha1sum entries.
  • normalise statements of the form “PICTURE depicts PERSON” to “PERSON depiction PICTURE”.
  • smush disparate references to the same person into references to a single definition of that person.
  • extract depiction triples from a model and copy just the bare minimum of information related to those depictions

So I wrote foaftool, a Java class that uses Jena. The tarball also contains a couple of servlets that can be used to transform existing content on the web.

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