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Planet RDF as a starting-point for semantic web crawling

March 29th, 2004  |  Published in rdf

I was thinking about scuttering and useful ways to gather information. It occurred to me that as well as following rdfs:seeAlso links as usual, it was worth scanning associated HTML for semantic links (eg FOAF autodiscovery metadata). I decided to use the blogroll at Planet RDF as a testing ground, on the assumption that if anyone was going to embed useful metadata in their HTML, it would be the hackers listed there.

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Work at the BBC

March 8th, 2004  |  Published in python

There’s a job being advertised at BBC Radio and Music Interactive in London, where I work. It involves Python, XML, CMSes, digital radio and other interesting technologies. You’d like it there.

UPDATE: Applications have now closed.

FURTHER UPDATE: for unknown reasons, this page is (at the time of writing) number one hit on google for the search term work at the bbc (and perhaps some similar terms). For those who come here looking for work, I suggest you look at the BBC Jobs site or perhaps BBC Talent, where budding writers, presenters and DJs are sought.