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Audioscrobbler meets the commandline

May 3rd, 2004  |  Published in python

It’s been around for a while, but suddenly everyone’s talking about audioscrobbler again. I got interested when I saw a talk about at dorkbot a few months back. It’s based on the simple idea of instrumenting your music player to send a ping to a central site every time you’re listening to a track. Going further than just a ‘now playing’ on a sidebar on your website, this leads to a world of potential new music toys using collaborative filtering and the like.

At home I play all my music from the commandline: my mp3 jukebox has no fancy user interface, I just SSH into it. Audioscrobbler have several player plugins for download, but no commandline interface. I wrote myself some python code to play MP3s and talk to audioscrobbler so that I could keep my profile up to date.

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