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Work at the BBC (again)

August 23rd, 2004  |  Published in misc

There was a programmer’s job being advertised at BBC Radio and Music Interactive in London, in the team where I work. It involves data munging XML, digital radio and other interesting technologies, and involves programming in Python, Perl or Java. Applications have now closed.

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Loose ends

August 21st, 2004  |  Published in rdf

This weekend I’m at EuroFoo, and I’ve managed to find some happy hacking time. Jim Ley and Dan Brickley are around, and they’ve been nudging me into fixing up and releasing some old code.

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Adventures in XHTML and CSS

August 1st, 2004  |  Published in web

For my dad’s 60th birthday, my family and I produced a print book of memories and photographs from his life. I typeset it using OpenOffice 1.1 and sent it to the printers as PDF, which worked just fine. Today I’ve been creating an online version from the original document.

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