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Stemming tags, and one website to the tune of another

January 30th, 2005  |  Published in web is still giving me food for thought. Here are two toys I’ve made recently: a tag stemming tool that helps you tidy up your tagging using the Porter algorithm, and a (Flash) screen-recorded demo of seamlessly embedded in the BBC Radio 3 website.

(Maximize your browser window! Apologies for the slow playback speed of the movie; although you’re welcome to browse the javascript, it’s something of a pain to get it running on your own browser. I’m looking at how I can turn it into a reusable and configurable Firefox extension, but for now it’s just a demo built with Greasemonkey.)

UPDATE: I had to demo this to a mixed audience at the BBC this afternoon, so I put together some quick slides to help me explain the step-by-step process that goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps someone else will find them useful too.

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Conferences, conferences

January 30th, 2005  |  Published in events

Two conferences are looming large on my radar this week. I’m speaking at Emerging Technology, which happens in San Diego in March, and I’m on the Program Committee for XTech 2005 in Amsterdam in May. Early registration is still open for both conferences (although the O’Reilly one closes very soon).

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Radio 1 takeover reprise

January 2nd, 2005  |  Published in python

Bank Holiday Monday comes around again in a few hours time, and I’m off to BBC Radio 1 to help out on another Ten Hour Takeover show.

UPDATE: related random links and pictures.

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