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Conferences 2006, Part III

March 31st, 2006  |  Published in events

No sooner have I returned from my USA trip than I have to think about the next steps. I now have two exciting speaking engagements and a couple of fun side-trips planned. I’ve decided not to return to living in London once the snowboarding season is over; I’m going to go wherever work and speaking takes me, and take a month or two living in each place along the way. I’m very much looking forward to taking on freelance work and getting back to making things on the internet again.

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The Application of Weblike Design to Data: Designing Data for Reuse

March 8th, 2006  |  Published in talks

My esteemed former colleague Tom Coates has been giving a talk recently entitled Native to a Web of Data: Designing a Part of the Aggregate Web. It’s a tour de force journey through key issues and implications of the renaissance in web thinking that’s happening right now.

In his talk, Tom very kindly references a talk I gave at last year’s XTech conference. It’s based on a great deal of work he and I did together at the BBC, and endless conversations that we’ve had on the nature of the web. It’s called The Application of Weblike Design to Data: Designing Data for Reuse and hopefully those slides are some use to those seeking background for Tom’s narrative.

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