What I do for a living

June 5th, 2006  |  Published in Uncategorized

My name is Matt Biddulph. Since October 2005, I’ve been an independent freelancer, open to new work. I’m currently based in London but I’m open to travel and have worked remotely for clients in a number of countries. I specialise in the design of software systems for the internet. I have a particular interest in digital media, social software and data on the web.

I’m an experienced developer in most of the languages and systems you’d expect from more than ten years of work in the industry: Ruby (and Rails), Python, Java, Perl, Unix, databases, web servers and so forth. These days I spend as much time consulting on the design and modelling of systems as I do writing code for them. I write about my personal experiments in technology here on hackdiary, and it’s always a good reflection of my interests at any given time.

Before I went freelance, I spent several years working at the Press Association and the BBC. There’s a lot more about that period in my CV.

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