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Harvesting entry links into RDF

December 30th, 2002  |  Published in rdf

Continuing the theme of harvesting information from MT entries into RDF summaries, I wrote another MT plugin (src) that uses HTML::LinkExtor to extract <a> links.

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Generating RDF from Movable Type keywords

December 30th, 2002  |  Published in perl, rdf

Having created RDF summaries for each Movable Type entry, I wanted a way to add extra triples to that RDF. For a first go, it seems reasonable to make any triple that can be added to an entry have that entry as its subject, so I used a shorthand (no subject, namespace-abbreviated) syntax inspired by N-Triples and wrote an MT global filter plugin (src) to transform it into RDF/XML.

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Movable Type categories in RDF

December 30th, 2002  |  Published in java, rdf

I’m collating writings about my various hacks and projects in a Movable Type system, but hopefully without actually creating a blog as such. I’d rather generate ad-hoc navigation based on the categories of the items, so creating RDF-based sitemaps seems like a good idea.

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Dodgy SVG version of picdiary slides page

December 23rd, 2002  |  Published in foaf, javascript, photos, svg, wordnet

I felt it was time to learn a bit more about SVG and do some concrete work with it. I made a fairly simple SVG document that renders picdiary feeds. It parses the RSS and builds the page on the client-side using Jim Ley’s lovely javascript rdf parser.

Compare the HTML version to the SVG version. There’s nothing in the SVG version that couldn’t be rendered in HTML; the interest was in doing the job entirely client-side.

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To rss-dev about picdiary

December 17th, 2002  |  Published in foaf, photos, rdf, rss, xml

A mail sent to RSS-DEV about work in progress on picdiary and its use of RSS for cataloguing photos.

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Wordnet dmoz-alike picdiary hierarchy

December 10th, 2002  |  Published in photos, rdf, wordnet

A browseable hierachy of pictures organised by the hierarchy of the wordnet terms depicted in them. Start browsing at Artifact or look at the RSS backend.

Wordnet-based search engine for picdiary

November 29th, 2002  |  Published in photos, rss, wordnet

This search engine uses wordnet to find synonyms of search terms, and hypernyms of marked-up keywords. So a search for skyscraper finds one picture and a search for structure finds the skyscraper and a load of other pictures too.

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Simple dumb RDF parser script for perl

September 29th, 2002  |  Published in perl, rdf, sql

As with the ruby rdf parser, this runs XSLT over your RDF/XML to make ntriples then parses those. It spits out mysql insert statements ready for querying with my rdf sql query stuff.


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To bots about gatebot

August 26th, 2002  |  Published in bots, java, perl, rest

A mail to the bots list about a web-to-IRC gateway.

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Triple Querying with SQL

August 20th, 2002  |  Published in perl, php, rdf, sql

A simple algorithm for translating rdfdb-style queries into SQL to query a triple store with a very simple schema. A perl and a PHP implementation is provided.