Source distribution for Chumpologica now available

January 24th, 2004  |  Published in foaf, python, rdf, rss

Now available: the first source distribution of Chumpologica, the system behind Planet RDF and the Daily Chump Chumpologica.

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The Chumpologica – an RSS feed combiner

June 30th, 2003  |  Published in foaf, python, rss

Today we relaunched The Daily Chump, a multi-author IRC-based blog, with a shiny new look and a new feature: the chumpologica. This is a webpage (and RSS 1.0 feed) that aggregates entries from blogs written by regular contributors to the Chump. It’s built using about 150 lines of python and takes its configuration from a FOAF file.

Update: I’ve now packaged and released this project as a proper distribution.

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Sha1ing, smushing and aggregating FOAF

February 3rd, 2003  |  Published in foaf, java, rdf

To normalise and aggregate FOAF metadata related to photographs, I needed some new code to:

  • convert foaf:mbox entries to privacy-protected foaf:mbox_sha1sum entries.
  • normalise statements of the form “PICTURE depicts PERSON” to “PERSON depiction PICTURE”.
  • smush disparate references to the same person into references to a single definition of that person.
  • extract depiction triples from a model and copy just the bare minimum of information related to those depictions

So I wrote foaftool, a Java class that uses Jena. The tarball also contains a couple of servlets that can be used to transform existing content on the web.

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Dodgy SVG version of picdiary slides page

December 23rd, 2002  |  Published in foaf, javascript, photos, svg, wordnet

I felt it was time to learn a bit more about SVG and do some concrete work with it. I made a fairly simple SVG document that renders picdiary feeds. It parses the RSS and builds the page on the client-side using Jim Ley’s lovely javascript rdf parser.

Compare the HTML version to the SVG version. There’s nothing in the SVG version that couldn’t be rendered in HTML; the interest was in doing the job entirely client-side.

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To rss-dev about picdiary

December 17th, 2002  |  Published in foaf, photos, rdf, rss, xml

A mail sent to RSS-DEV about work in progress on picdiary and its use of RSS for cataloguing photos.

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