Loose ends

August 21st, 2004  |  Published in rdf

This weekend I’m at EuroFoo, and I’ve managed to find some happy hacking time. Jim Ley and Dan Brickley are around, and they’ve been nudging me into fixing up and releasing some old code.

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Too much spam, time for dogfood

June 1st, 2004  |  Published in rdf

Over the weekend I was hit by over 200 MT comment spams, from a range of IP addresses. Using MT-blacklist I was able to clean up the damage, but wasted at least half an hour. In temporary despair, I’ve removed the comment forms from individual entries and disabled the comments cgi. For now, if you want to write something about one of my entries, go get your own website or something.

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Planet RDF as a starting-point for semantic web crawling

March 29th, 2004  |  Published in rdf

I was thinking about scuttering and useful ways to gather information. It occurred to me that as well as following rdfs:seeAlso links as usual, it was worth scanning associated HTML for semantic links (eg FOAF autodiscovery metadata). I decided to use the blogroll at Planet RDF as a testing ground, on the assumption that if anyone was going to embed useful metadata in their HTML, it would be the hackers listed there.

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Crawling the Semantic Web

February 12th, 2004  |  Published in rdf, talks, web

I’ve had a proposal for a paper accepted for XML Europe 2004. Yay! Looking forward to meeting lots of old friends and making new ones in Amsterdam in April. Let me know if you’re going to be there. Here’s what I submitted:

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Source distribution for Chumpologica now available

January 24th, 2004  |  Published in foaf, python, rdf, rss

Now available: the first source distribution of Chumpologica, the system behind Planet RDF and the Daily Chump Chumpologica.

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Dumping Geo RDF from Garmin GPS units

September 21st, 2003  |  Published in python, rdf

Having connected my GPS unit to my laptop, it was time to dump the data off into a usable RDF model.

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Using OpenOffice Draw to author RDF

June 16th, 2003  |  Published in python, rdf, xml

OpenOffice’s vector-drawing app has a very nice Visio-like ‘connector’ tool that can link objects together with lines. It’s very easy to put together labelled directed graph diagrams and have the lines re-flow as you move the nodes around. It also has a well-documented XML file format, which got me thinking that graph drawings could be converted into RDF automatically. I wrote some python code to read in OO files and print out n-triples.

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www2003 developers day talk

June 9th, 2003  |  Published in photos, rdf, rss, talks, wordnet

I gave a developer-oriented version of my semantic web “photos and metadata” talk at www2003 developers day. The slides are available online and there are a bunch of demos to look at.

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XMLEurope 2003 Talk Slides

May 7th, 2003  |  Published in photos, rdf, rss, talks, wordnet

This morning I did my talk (A Semantic Web Shoebox – Annotating Photos with RSS and RDF) at XMLEurope 2003. The slides are now available.

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An RDF crawler

April 21st, 2003  |  Published in java, rdf

I wrote an RDF crawler (aka scutter) using Java and the Jena RDF toolkit that spiders the web gathering up semantic web data and storing it in any of Jena’s backend stores (in-memory, Berkeley DB, mysql, etc). Download it here.

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