Loose ends

August 21st, 2004  |  Published in rdf

This weekend I’m at EuroFoo, and I’ve managed to find some happy hacking time. Jim Ley and Dan Brickley are around, and they’ve been nudging me into fixing up and releasing some old code.

Firstly, I have a bunch of old RDF photo annotation demos that had bitrotted quite badly due to new releases of Wordnet in debian. All but one of those are now working again. This will make Jim happy.

Secondly, I’ve been trying for ages to finish a rewrite of my RDF crawler in Python. It’s got a much nicer architecture than the old one, being based on a pipeline of optional processors implementing smushing, FOAF mbox normalisation and interfaces to Joseki and various other storage mechanisms. I’ve stalled, so here’s the work in progress. It requires python 2.3, Redland and Twisted. It will start from one or more URLs passed on the command line, and follow seeAlsos until it can find no more. This will make Dan happy.

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