Source distribution for Chumpologica now available

January 24th, 2004  |  Published in foaf, python, rdf, rss

Now available: the first source distribution of Chumpologica, the system behind Planet RDF and the Daily Chump Chumpologica.

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The Chumpologica – an RSS feed combiner

June 30th, 2003  |  Published in foaf, python, rss

Today we relaunched The Daily Chump, a multi-author IRC-based blog, with a shiny new look and a new feature: the chumpologica. This is a webpage (and RSS 1.0 feed) that aggregates entries from blogs written by regular contributors to the Chump. It’s built using about 150 lines of python and takes its configuration from a FOAF file.

Update: I’ve now packaged and released this project as a proper distribution.

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www2003 developers day talk

June 9th, 2003  |  Published in photos, rdf, rss, talks, wordnet

I gave a developer-oriented version of my semantic web “photos and metadata” talk at www2003 developers day. The slides are available online and there are a bunch of demos to look at.

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XMLEurope 2003 Talk Slides

May 7th, 2003  |  Published in photos, rdf, rss, talks, wordnet

This morning I did my talk (A Semantic Web Shoebox – Annotating Photos with RSS and RDF) at XMLEurope 2003. The slides are now available.

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“Most Popular Entries” sidebar

April 1st, 2003  |  Published in perl, rss

Noticing the variety in popularity amongst the different topics that the pieces on this site cover, I added a “Most Popular Entries” sidebar to keep track of what people are reading. This is done with a simple application of Apache::ParseLog, XML::RSS, movabletype’s XML-RPC interface and a movabletype plugin.

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Latest from Picdiary

January 3rd, 2003  |  Published in perl, photos, rdf, rss

New in the right-hand sidebar on the site front page is a little lineup of the 3 latest pictures from picdiary, my photos website. This is created by parsing the RDF in the latest photo collection RSS feed and extracting rss:title, dc:date and foaf:thumbnail information via an MT plugin (src).

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To rss-dev about picdiary

December 17th, 2002  |  Published in foaf, photos, rdf, rss, xml

A mail sent to RSS-DEV about work in progress on picdiary and its use of RSS for cataloguing photos.

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Wordnet-based search engine for picdiary

November 29th, 2002  |  Published in photos, rss, wordnet

This search engine uses wordnet to find synonyms of search terms, and hypernyms of marked-up keywords. So a search for skyscraper finds one picture and a search for structure finds the skyscraper and a load of other pictures too.

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