Movable Type categories in RDF

December 30th, 2002  |  Published in java, rdf  |  1 Comment

I’m collating writings about my various hacks and projects in a Movable Type system, but hopefully without actually creating a blog as such. I’d rather generate ad-hoc navigation based on the categories of the items, so creating RDF-based sitemaps seems like a good idea.

Step 1 is a template that generates RDF for each entry (eg the metadata for this entry).
Step 2 is a simple RDF widget (src) that builds an aggregate model of the metadata for each entry.
Step 3 will be to build navigation based on that. To get a flavour of the possibilities, browse the aggregate model using BrownSauce.

There’s an extra mode in the aggregate model system that adds an inSubject reverse triple for each dc:subject triple. Automatic inferencing of that sort might be handy for simplifying query code, and it’s something I’d like to play with, particularly if based on DAML rules.

Perhaps the aggregator could add other inferred metadata based on automatic analysis of the text, or other toys.


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