My first week with Thinglink

July 23rd, 2006  |  Published in metadata

The first Thinglink technical workshop took place in Amsterdam this month. Ulla-Maaria Mutanen and I spent an incredibly productive week at the Mediamatic offices thrashing out ideas that will form a Thinglink technical whitepaper over the next few months.

I’d like to highlight two things in particular that came out of this activity.

Firstly, I wrote up some ideas on the Thinglink blog entitled Design patterns for building with web APIs. This came out of a discussion on the different kinds of integration model that occur in a Web 2.0 world. Although the patterns are described using stories from a Thinglink perspective, I think they’re generally applicable. I’d be interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts on how they can be refined, and whether they seem to fit the kinds of systems you’re building.

Secondly, go take a look at the Thingtagging site. It’s an aggregator for photos on flickr that have been thingtagged. We think it’s a lot of fun. We also think that you should start thinglinking and thingtagging your unique and interesting objects right now.

I’d like to thank Tom Coates not only for the gorgeous design of the site, but also for pointing out that ‘mashup’ is really quite a tired word these days. We think that an exquisite combination of two great services deserves better, and so we name this a Flickr/Thinglink intimacy.

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