Back from Kiwifoo

February 12th, 2007  |  Published in events

I’ve just got back from another big trip. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks in New Zealand, thanks to Nat Torkington and the kind sponsorship of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. Not only did I get to attend NZ Foo Camp, but NZTE’s John Houlker arranged for me to meet with representives of Auckland and Wellington’s media, software and archiving interests.

I learnt a lot about the current state of broadband and digital strategy in NZ. I’m very grateful to TV3, TVNZ, the National Library, the Film Archive, Telecom NZ, Catalyst and Serato for taking time to talk to me about my work with the BBC Archives, hardware prototyping and open data.

Foo Camp was tons of fun: the best of the three Foos I’ve been to, I think. There’s no way I can list every one of the fascinating people I met, but check Planet NZTech for pointers. Special mentions to Jonathan Oxer and Phil Lindsay who stayed up late with me on Saturday night Bluetooth-enabling a toy car with Arduino.

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