Serendipity 2.0: going fulltime on Dopplr

April 27th, 2007  |  Published in misc

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on a new project in my spare time. Dopplr is a social network for frequent travellers, designed to increase the amount of serendipity in the world. It lets you share your travel plans with your trusted fellow travellers, and uses them to find the coincidences, near-misses and surprises. Maps, mobile, timelines, feeds, calendars: you can have the information pretty much any way you want it.

Dopplr’s still invite only, but there’s a good chance you know someone with an account by now. We’ll be issuing new invite tokens from time to time, so keep an eye out. There are some screenshots on Flickr, and alpha travellers Stowe Boyd and Roo Reynolds have written some illuminating reviews. I’ll be at XTech in Paris in May (don’t forget, online registration closes soon) so track me down and I’ll give you a demo.

I’m having a great time making something of my own and collaborating with people whose skills and opinions I trust and respect. I showed the alpha release around ETech and SXSW and got some great reactions. We started inviting people in to test the app, a few at a time, and their feedback has been very encouraging.

Because I’m having so much fun and I want Dopplr to be as good as it can possibly be, I’ve taken the decision to suspend my freelancing and work on it full time. It seems they’ll let anyone be a CTO these days.

If you want to follow our day-to-day progress, I’m collecting dopplr-related links and coverage on

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