Hardcore Hardware Hacking Weekend

July 9th, 2007  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you’ve seen me talk at a conference recently (perhaps XTech or ApacheCon Europe) you’ll know that I’m very interested in what happens when the coders who made the web get to script the real world. Cheap and powerful hardware prototyping is now within the reach of anyone who can code a webapp or configure a Unix box.

If you’ve taken the first steps in tinkering with an Arduino or similar kit, why not take it up a gear and sign up for the Hardcore Hardware Hacking Weekend in London on July 21st and 22nd? Massimo Banzi, co-creator of Arduino, will be teaching advanced hardware skills and I’ll be there to explain how to plug it all into software and the internet. I’m especially looking forward to hearing from guest speaker Moritz Waldemeyer. Places are limited and going fast.

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