Conference season 2008

February 7th, 2008  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  1 Comment


The March 2008 US conference season is nearly upon us. I’m just on my way back from representing Dopplr at Social Graph Foo Camp (find out more by listening to the Citizen Garden Podcast I participated in after the camp), but I’ll be back here again in three weeks.

I’m spending a few days in New York, where I’ll be hosted by the lovely Chris Shiflett, and then it’s on down to San Diego for ETech. That’ll be swiftly followed by SXSW Interactive where I’ll be on a panel entitled “Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together”, about working in multidisciplinary teams. Finally, a week in San Francisco decompressing and having a few meetings.

I’m particularly excited by the trip to ETech. The last two years have brought smart people together to talk mostly Web 2.0 topics, but this year looks significantly more awesome. Full of genuinely emerging technology, the lineup looks like one Matt Jones and Tony Stark would appreciate.

Some highlights for me include a talk from Google’s economics groups on Prediction Markets, Computing for Socio-economic Development, and the excitingly-titled Antigenic Cartography: Visualizing Viral Evolution for Influenza Vaccine Design. Hope I see you there.


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