The Chumpologica – an RSS feed combiner

June 30th, 2003  |  Published in foaf, python, rss

Today we relaunched The Daily Chump, a multi-author IRC-based blog, with a shiny new look and a new feature: the chumpologica. This is a webpage (and RSS 1.0 feed) that aggregates entries from blogs written by regular contributors to the Chump. It’s built using about 150 lines of python and takes its configuration from a FOAF file.

Update: I’ve now packaged and released this project as a proper distribution.

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Using OpenOffice Draw to author RDF

June 16th, 2003  |  Published in python, rdf, xml

OpenOffice’s vector-drawing app has a very nice Visio-like ‘connector’ tool that can link objects together with lines. It’s very easy to put together labelled directed graph diagrams and have the lines re-flow as you move the nodes around. It also has a well-documented XML file format, which got me thinking that graph drawings could be converted into RDF automatically. I wrote some python code to read in OO files and print out n-triples.

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